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The B-STS is a weekly series of progressive Saturday rides for dedicated and committed NYCC members. The goal of the series is to increase your riding stamina in a group riding environment, to make new friends and to reacquaint with old friends, and to have fun doing it.

The B-STS is reserved for current, dues-paying members of the NYCC. Rides will be held on Saturdays. In the case of inclement weather, we may ride on Sunday. The series will be for 9 weeks.

  • Registration for each B-STS ride will open, as usual, 10 days before the ride date. 
  • Capacity for each ride will depend on the leaders who volunteer to be captains. (Note: ride preparation is handled by the coordinator)
  • There will be a single signup for each ride; we will assign speed groups at each start point. 
  • There are no requirements for prior attendance, but you (and your bicycle) ought to be in-shape enough for the rides (or portions of rides) that you attempt! You may be asked to bail from a ride if you have a serious physical or mechanical issue.
  • Click here for the B-STS Tips, Policies and FAQ!